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Afro Eco Tourism
Afro Eco Tourism

Afro Eco Tourism Advisory Services

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African Edu-Eco is a specialized Afro-Eco-Tourism, Conservation, Adventure and Wildlife Development and Operational Advisory Service company. Borne out of 35-years of active participation in these Tourism relate enterprises, spanning no less than 13 African countries ranging from Southern, Eastern, Central and more recently to West Africa including Ghana and Sierra Leone more specifically.

Our core purpose is a desire to give back that which has been learned and gained along this journey, and to nurture and grow new incumbents into the industry and advise on measures to improve existing and long-standing industry operators and partners.

African Edu-Eco provides a host of comprehensive services which have a strong bias towards sound operational business principles, operational excellence, service excellence, sustainable development environmental sustainability and growth towards excellent financial and economic gains without compromise.

We view ourselves as your partner in your success and we facilitate the very best intensive, extensive and unique advisory services to grow, develop and nurture your business into a competitor and sustainable partner in the growth of the Afro-Tourisim market.


Our Holistic list of Afro-eco-Tourism Development Operations and Management Advisory Services are avaiable on request from Wayne Johnson directly and spans across a large selection
of expertly devised advisroy services each focusing on a specific outcomes and areas of operations and expertise.

African Edu-Eco’s Team of Experts are your Eco-Tourism, Eco-Adventure, Conservation and Wildlife Development Advisory and Operational Partner in excellence.

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African Edu-Eco seeks to be a preferred Afro-Eco-Tourism and Hospitality advisory partner in Africa.


To advise, develop and manage your business by using our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise, and to deliver on our promises in a committed, passionate and non-compromised manner.


Passion. INtegrity. Innovation. Leadership. Sustainability. Trust. Growth. Long-term viability.


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