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Birding in Africa Mentoring Experiences

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The African Edu-Eco team of professionals, under the expert leadership of Wayne Johnson (FGASA National Bird Guide), have formulated a number of exciting and innovative Birding-in-Africa Mentorship Experiences which cater for individuals with enquiring minds and yearning to learn-and-know more about the African Environment and an innate desire to learn more about Africa’s Bird diversity and the African Bush, its constituent members, the various relationships and related form and function of each individual and population within the ecosystem. These awareness experiences are compiled professionally and are comprehensive, experiential, transformational, immersive, fun and exciting.

Our primary focus is primarily on experiential Bird Mentorship adventures, wildlife conservation, sustainable conservation practices and conservation mentoring supported by tangible
practically applicable birding skills development. Every experience includes our core Birding experience complemented by Wildlife experiences beyond the scope of each and every itinerary.

Birding Mentorships

Each Birding Mentorship Experience that African Edu-Eco offers has a number of fun and informative activity sessions and citizen science research initiatives incorporated into programs where participants provide participative group feedback and presentations. Our programs facilitate tangible and measurable outcome-based learning with applicable skills being absorbed which can be applied easily and effectively. As you become more and more immersed in the programs so your knowledge grows and expands as does your confidence.

All Birding-in-Africa Mentorship Experiences are presented in a variety of Regional Birding Hotspots in South and Southern Africa. Destinations and locations within these Regional Birding Hotspots comprise Nature Reserves: National Parks; Conservancies; established Birding Hotspots; Wildlife Hotspots and Private Game Reserves.

Our programs have a 1 :6/8 leader to participant ratio emphasising personalised care and attention and the very best guided experience. Our Birding-In-Africa leaders are very highly qualified, knowledgeable, educators and guides who love sharing and facilitating exceptional holistic awareness experiences. Join us on an immersive and transformational Birding-In-Africa Mentorship Experience of a Lifetime now!

Birding Mentorships

Participants are encouraged to be professional, ethical, responsible and safe users of the African Bush environment. Each participant becomes a bird species AMBASSADOR and an African Bird ADVOCATE. Our sustainable Edu-Eco ethos, guiding and mentoring philosophy is mirrored in the Chinese proverb “What I hear I forget. What I see, I remember. What do I know”.

Experiential, Regenerative and Transformational Edu-Eco Awareness Experiences are our primary objective and we believe that the best birding, wildlife, conservation and adventure mentoring comes through an experiential “hands-on” approach to enriching one’s knowledge and “first-hand” outcome-based observation and interpreted adventure experiences.

Spur Winged Lapwings

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