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Guide Mentorship Experiences

Privately Guided Safaris

Wayne Johnson, your private African Wildlife guide, is the epitome of a professional guide and leader, conservationist, naturalist, interpreter of natural events and an African Bush, Marine and Adventure experience facilitator with over 35 years of experience and an extensive knowledge and passion for the areas in which he works in Africa. As a professional trails guide, acclaimed Bird Guide, Marine Guide and highly qualified Adventure guide, Wayne is able to accompany your party throughout all or part of your African Immersion Safari, African Edu-Eco Adventure or African Photo Edu-Eco Graphic experience in a diverse array of countries in which he operates.

Wayne’s mission is to expose you to an African diversity that you may never have thought existed. From the smallest to the largest, Wayne will entertain you, enlighten you and expose you to an experiential and transformational African Eco-Adventure which will surpass all your expectations and provide you with a lifetime of memories and unparralled experiences.

Having an intimate and extensive knowledge of fauna, flora, culture, history and conservation issues in the areas in which Wayne specializes, he delivers remarkable, intuitive and memorable eco-experiences. Wayne is able to expose the relevant highlights, adding continuity and depth throughout your African Edu-Eco Adventure and effectively tailor making your experience around any special interests that you may have. Many travelers return year after year to be guided by Wayne with whom they have built a relationship previously on an African Edu-Eco Adventure of sorts, a specialized Bush Safari, a Marine Safari or a tailor-made Edu-Eco Adventure Safari.

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A Professional African Edu-Eco Private Safari guide is an Africa specialist and specialist in observable interpretative animal behaviour. In addition to expert qualifications and tested experience in the Afro-Eco-tourism and adventure industry, a private guide like Wayne enhances a tailor-made African Edu-Eco expedition experience by seamlessly detailing and delivering on every facet of your African Edu-Eco Adventure experience as an esteemed guest, including all liaisons with the parks, reserves and accommodation facilities visited along the way, ensuring every need from dietary requirements, to child care, disabilities, and natural environmental interpretive values are seamlessly addressed all the while being cognisant of sound environmental and sustainable practices with minimum impact, leaving only footprints and a legacy of sound environmental awareness.

As a guest you have access to insights into a variety of fields from wildlife, to scenery, to cultures, landscapes and community. This is an offering of a multidimensional African Eco-Adventure experiential and transformational experience that is drawn from a wealth of knowledge that Wayne is always keen to share with his guests to aid an in-depth, spiritual and transformational understanding of the African Wilderness.

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Wayne believes emphatically that a Professional guide is the single most important factor in ensuring a safe, highly successful and entertaining experiential, regenerative and transformational African Edu-Eco Adventure, the true value in the equation and the difference between a mediocre experience and a life changing one.

When travelling with Wayne as your Personal Professional Private Guide and Leader, Wayne meets you at your arrival destination and will be on hand to guide you into Africa’s Bush or Marine Wilderness or even a pure authentic wilderness adventure even in the event that a local guide may be present. Wayne is involved in every facet of your African Edu-Eco Adventure until parting ways, having superseded your expectations and creating a lasting memory and fulfilment, only to return again and again for an African refresher.

The discerning traveler should expect a compelling, professional, mature and highly experienced guide who is able not only to unravel an African Edu-Eco Experience holistically, whether it be wildlife, wilderness, marine or adventure that exceeds their dreams and beyond their expectations, but also to host their stay in a cultured, informed and charming manner. The quality of your guide simply makes or breaks your African Edu-Eco Experience.

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