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Marine Guide Mentorships
Marine Guide Mentorships

Big Blue Mentorship Experiences

Big Blue Mentorship

The African Edu-Eco team of Marine professionals, guided by Wayne Johnson, a qualified FGASA Marine Guide have formulated a number of exciting and innovative Marine Edu-Eco Sea-Fari Mentorship Experiences which are not only formally structured, accepted and accredited but also cater to individuals with enquiring minds coupled with an innate desire to learn more about the marine environment, marine mammals, marine biodiversity and marine and seashore animals.

Discover and expand your knowledge on the aquatic world that inextricably link marine, coastal and seashore ecosystems, understand their systematic relationships and immerse yourself in knowledge linked to the role, form and function of some of the world’s most iconic animals through our carefully formulated and curated programs.

Our sustainable ‘Blue-Mind’ approach, guiding and mentoring philosophy is mirrored in the Chinese proverb “What I hear I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do I know:’

All of our Edu-Eco Sea-Fari Mentorship experiences are presented at various locations along the West, Southern and East African coastline ranging from 5-days or more. Our programs have a maximum of 1:10 facilitator to participant ratio emphasizing inclusion, group discussion as well as personal care and attention. Our instructors are highly qualified professional guides, mentors and teachers who love sharing and teaching what they know. All programs are endorsed by FGASA under the speciality training provider banner albeit that our content and practical applicability far exceed the required standards and exceed all expectations.

Let us invite you to expect the unexpected and to fuel the longing and desire for once in a lifetime Sea-Fari adventure through immersive and transformational mentorship experiences! Become an ocean Advocate and marine species ambassador and make an impactful difference in progressive ocean thinking and awareness.
“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever:’- Jacques Cousteau

Sea Turtle

African Edu-Eco Mentorship programs are comprehensive, experiential and transformational. Participants can expect to spend time in nature where they will be immersed in environments that reveal themselves naturally and in profound ways. Dive into the underwater biomes, through snorkeling or tick off a new item on your bucket list by adding scuba diving skills to any of our Marine Edu-Eco Experiences which will aid in your measured contribution to a variety of Citizen science and key Marine research initiatives.

Our primary focus is on experimental ocean adventure, marine wildlife, conservation and ecologial mentoring experiences that are supported by measurable and tangible practically applicable skills development, which can be applied in one’s daily life.

A diversity of marinie interventions are facilitated through a number of adventurous and informative activity sessions where participants anre encouraged to provide feedback and presentations in an inclusive learning environment. Every mentorship experience includes our core focus where the skills and knowledge essential to perpetuate marine wilderness and marine wildlife conservation and responsible marine adventure ethics are emphasised in a participative, fun learning environment. As you dive into and explore the “Blue mind” further in the mentorship process, your knowledge grows and expands as does your confidence.

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