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Volunteer Research Mentorship Experiences

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Volunteer research
Volunteer research

Volunteer Research Mentoring Experiences

Volunteers Research

African Edu-Eco volunteer and research mentorship programs provide an immersive environment for those with a passion for wildlife, the adventure seekers and those who are conservation aware and are interested in conservation research, outcome based mentoring experiences and have a heart for making a difference!

The African Edu-Eco volunteer and research mentorship programs are committed to giving you an experience of a lifetime while simultaneously assisting and contributing to our conservation efforts. From working with Elephant Management initiatives to day to day operations of a Game Ranch or being involved in an outcome based research program or Edu-Eco Mentorship Program, you will be involved in an adventurous, experiential, fun and fulfilling African transformational mentorship experience.

Integrated into your mentoring experience are a variety of Conservation awareness adventure activities which bolster your outcome based facets of each program which are carefully planned, monitored, managed and qualified. Each participant will take away invaluable knowledge and experience which can easily be quantified.

Programs vary in duration per program, We suggest a minimum of 2 weeks on a program to gain maximum benefit from the programs, the expected outcomes and your desired experience, however shorter durations are considered based on group bookings. Programs are not limited and may extend to 60-90 days. 6-7 Day experiential mentorship programs by our other divisions can be incorporated into an existing program as an extension activity to an existing mentorship experience.

Our principle aim is for you as the participant of these mentorship experiences, to leave enriched by your African wildlife, Marine and conservation mentorship experience and as an Ambassador for Africa’s Wildlife, Marine and Conservation initiatives, equipped with a far better and insightful understanding of the dilemma facing Africa’s wildlife and Marine Environments, derived from your contribution to conservation in the face of adversity.


All keen conservation and research enthusiasts above the age of 18-years old are invited to participate in our Volunteer and research mentorship experience programs. If you have a longing and burning desire to make a difference and provide a valuable contribution towards the conservation of our wildlife, or you have been thinking of ditching the desk and tie for a tent and a bush hat to escape it all and experience a unique experiential lifetime opportunity of wildlife or marine volunteering and conservation based adventure, then look no further than the consummate professional team at African Edu Eco.

Each of our mentorship experiences are designed to give you a fascinating insight into Africa’s Wildlife, Wildlife management, wildlife ranching, marine conservation awareness learning and conservation based afro-tourism volunteer research mentorship adventures. This includes reserve maintenance, project developments and sound management principles being applied to the benefit of each animal grouping or conservation research initiatives in question. Animal welfare takes priority on any of our programs and we exercise patience in having exciting and unique experiences unfold before one’s eyes that may require our participants to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Volunteer research

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