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Wildlife and Nature

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Wildlife and Nature
Wildlife and Nature

Wildlife and Nature Experiences

Wildlife & Nature

The African Edu-Eco team of professionals, led by Wayne Johnson, have formulated a number of exciting and innovative Wildlife, Bush & Birding Mentorship Experiences which not only focus on formally accredited specialized training, but also caters for individuals with enquiring minds, an innate desire and a yearning to be informed, to become aware and to know more about Africa and her lush and intricate scope of biodiversity. African Edu-Eco Mentorship programs are comprehensive, experiential and transformational. Participants can expect to spend time in nature where they will be immersed in environments that reveal themselves naturally and in profound ways.

We believe that the best wildlife, conservation and adventure related mentoring and mentorship comes through an experimental “hands-on” approach and “first-hand” outcome-based eco-mentored adventure experiences. Our sustainable approach, guiding and mentoring philosophy is mirrored in the Chinese proverb “What I hear I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do I know:’

Participants are mentored to be professional, safe, responsible and ethical users of the African Bush environment. Each participant becomes a species ambassador and an African bush advocate.


Our programs have a maximum of 1:10 facilitator to participant ratio emphasizing inclusion, group participation as well as personal care and attention. Our instructors are highly qualified professional trail guides, mentors and teachers who love sharing and teaching what they know.

Experiential, Regenerative and Transformational Edu-Eco Experiences are our primary objective where observation, interpretation, deduction, collection, research, peer-review
and presentation are utilized to achieve outcome-based mentoring objectives. These objectives are curated around our core curriculum which includes; experiential adventure,
wildlife conservation, sustainable conservation and conservation mentorship.

Let us invite you to expect the unexpected and to fuel the longing and desire for true African Wildlife adventures which are immersive, regenerative transformational mentorship experiences! Rewild the imagination, reconnect with your innate senses and reboot your primal essence!


Each mentorship program has any number of unconventional, informative activity sessions and citizen science research initiatives incorporated into them where participants provide inclusive group feedback and presentations.

Our mentorship programs facilitate tangible and measurable outcome-based results with applicable skills being absorbed and applied. As you become further immersed in the mentorship process, your knowledge grows and expands as does your confidence.

All programs are presented in a variety of locations and destinations comprising of Nature Reserves; National Parks; Conservancies; and Private Game Reserves throughout Africa.

Countries where programs are scheduled include Ghana; Kenya; Tanzania; Ethiopia; Uganda; Rwanda; Zambia; Zimbabwe; Namibia and South Africa.

Wildlife and Nature

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